– identity, print

Agency: MKG
Direction: Christa Seta
Design: Chloe Hemingway

New York-based media group, Techonomy, sought a new identity for its 8th annual conference event. The conference theme entitled "The Convergence of Man and the Machine" explored the implications of trends like AI, the Internet of Things, robotics, and global connectivity.

The proposed identity hints at the conference theme; the yellow fingerprint-like pattern subtly suggests a human touch, while the overall design language is gridded, pixelated, and linear.

Typography Audit

Inspired by select visuals from a Techonomy 2016 print collateral audit and existing Techonomy brand guidelines.

Identity Elements

The starting point for the pattern that played a role in the overall visual identity system was the combination of a power symbol and sharp rectilinear numerals (inspired by 7-segment display characters) representing 2017, the year of the conference. From there, the numerals were broken into segments and reassembled into an intricate fingerprint-like pattern that subtly suggested a human touch.

Secondary pattern pieces were also created using squares, rectangles, and lines. These were more simplified and black to contrast the yellow pattern.