– campaign, identity, print

Agency: MKG
Client: Mozilla
Direction: Christa Seta, Mary Anne Broccolo
Design: Chloe Hemingway

Design a provocative advertising campaign that sends a message to the people that our open Internet and equal opportunity online cannot be taken for granted. 

Send the message that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone—we all play a part in ensuring the health of the Internet, and that we must take action when there are threats posed against it. Fight for Net Neutrality.

Created a distorted and dark visual language featuring glitchy messages from the ‘future internet’. The ads were placed in a range of high traffic areas in San Francisco, targeting tech industry commuters.

The physical counterpart to the ad campaign was a pop-up in San Francisco where people could come to learn about Net Neutrality and walk away with free custom lettered t-shirts and totes to express their support. The visual language developed for the ad campaign directly influenced all pop-up graphics.